Journal № 3 2009

Energy consumption for the high temperature creep fracture of metallic material

R. A. Arutyunyan
Sankt-Petersburg State University
K. S. Yakimova
Institute of Problems in Mechanical Engineering, Russian Academy of Sciences
In accordance with the Hoff’s ductile fracture law the metallic specimen is fractured when the value of fracture energy tends to infinity. In paper the thermodynamic ductile creep fracture criterion is formulated. This criterion takes into account the real energy consumption. It is shown that they are in agreement with the corresponding experimental values and depend on the rheology of materials.
Keywords: energy conservation law, heat and latent energy, incompressible materials, ductile fracture criterion.


V. I. Popov,
O. S. Kuklin
Joint stock corporation "Shipbuilding & Shiprepair Technology Center"
Tel. 8-10- 812-52-94-11
Key words: nitrogen steels, manufacturing methods, hull components.

Formation of attractor sets in conditions of continuous change of a ship stability on waves

dr. sc., prof. Yu. I. Nechaev
post graduate student Mai Quoc Truong,
State Marine Technical University of St.Peterburg
The problem of the control of ship dynamics of a in conditions of periodic decrease of stability on waves is discussed. The analysis is carried out on the basis of the differential rolling equation, righting moment, including nonlinear spatial function, on waves. The basic attention is given to formation of attractor sets and analysis of dynamic pictures of behavior of a ship at a various level external disturbance.
Key words: attractor sets, critical situation, dynamic pictures, control of ship dynamic.


dr. sc., prof. Yu. I. Nechaev, dr. sc., prof. S. А. Dubovik
State Marine Technical University of St.Peterburg
The questions of program realization of algorithm of the functional action are discussed. The special attention addresses on the phenomenon divergence at the decision of a regional task, and also on default of a condition uniform non-degeneracy of a diffusion matrix of the initial stochastic equation of rolling .
Keywords: algorithm of the functional action, phenomenon divergence, regional task, rolling.

System analysis of ship-based unmanned aerial vehicle control equipment

Yu. F. Podoplekin, S. N. Sharov
Joint Stock Company "Concern "Granit-Electron"
This publication substantiates the structure of onboard and shipborne reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition designation equipment in the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) control system. Features pertaining to operation of the UAV special-purpose equipment are examined. Options for UAV landing on low-tonnage ships are discussed.
Keywords: control equipment, unmanned aerial vehicle, analysis.

Deformations of the interface between media of different densities in the presence of hydrodynamic features

A. R. Besyadovsky, A. N. Sattarova
State Marine Technical University of St.Peterburg
tel. 8-10-812-494-09-33
Keywords: modeling a form of the interface, fluids of different densities, solutions for plain and spatial cases.

Multiagent system for control of functioning of virtual tedtbed

d-r sc., prof. A. B. Degtyarev
Post graduate student Y. V. Logvinenko
State Marine Technical University of St.Peterburg
The conceptual model of creation of intelligence program environment of multiagent system (МАS), ensuring functioning of virtual testbed in a regime of real time is discussed. The development of the distributed procedures of the decision of complex tasks of the analysis and interpretation of the information is conducted on the basis of principles of self-organizing and decomposition. The construction of procedures of synthesis МАS consists in allocation of structural elements of subsystems and their description as flow elements.
Key words: multiagent system, virtual testbed, Grid-technology, conceptual model.


dr. sc., prof. A. A. Rodionov,
Gou Jun
State Marine Technical University of St.Peterburg
e-mail: rodionovsmk@yandex,ru
This article deals with problems related to the ultimate strength of board structures during collision of ships. The ultimate strength of frame members with relatively high wall heights depends, primarily, upon shear deformations. The analytical method of the limit equilibrium theory and the numerical finite-element method are used for the studies. Influence of the dynamic loading condition on calculation results is examined. The article gives recommendations for calculations carried out in actual ship design processes.
Key words: Beam, frame members, ultimate strength, limit equilibrium theory, finite-element method, shear deformation.

Topological design method for the general layout

dr. sc., prof.  N. V. Nikitin
This method is based on the idea that designing of the general layout involves a sequential synthesis of the general layout option, which is built up on a certain arrangement concept and which consists in step-by-step extension of the ship’s spatial pattern with evaluation of resulting partial solutions. Two stages are determined for this purpose – determination of qualitative solutions for the ship’s architectural appearance in the form of a primal sketch, and determination of the general layout quantitative characteristics. To solve these problems, this publication suggests techniques for formalizing their description and application.
Key words: general layout, primal sketch, ship’s spatial pattern.

Increase in power return hydrocarbonic топлив influence on them of variable electric fields

dr. sc., prof. O.V. Belyi
prof. J.M. Iskanderov
senior lecturer V.G. Muramovich
Institute of problems of transport of the Russian Academy of Sciences
S.V. Tuev
P.V. Anisimov
Open Company "EKOM-SERVICE"

In article questions of interaction of hydrocarbons with variable electric fields are stated. It is shown that influence of variable electric fields with certain characteristics leads to excitation and division of some molecules of hydrocarbons. As a result in the chamber of processing preardent preparation occurs electric field: molecules pass in the raised condition, their atomic structure becomes simpler. Chains of reactions of oxidation of molecules are thus shortened by oxygen, combustion топлив improves and their power return increases. Experimental data on change of molecular structure топлив, to reduction of its expense in power installations and to increase in cleanliness of combustion are resulted. The hypothesis of the mechanism of influence of variable electric fields on molecules of hydrocarbons is put forward.
Key words: variable electric fields, change of molecular structure of hydrocarbons, reduction of the expense of fuel, increase in power return of fuel

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