About Research center “Morintech”


In 1993 in St.-Petersburg was foundation the research center “Marine Intellectual technologies”, in abbreviated form Research center «MARINE INTELLIСTUAL TECHNOLOGIES». He has aggregated in the structure group of the highly qualified scientists and specialists on marine intellectual technologies.

The stuff of research center “Morintech” include the academicians, doctor and candidates of sciences. Our specialists have the adjusted communications and cooperate with a many Russian scientific organizations. We work on the specialization already more than 8 years, and have only the positive recalls about ouractivity.

We are always open for mutually advantageous cooperation. Our specialists are off-the shelf with maximum carefulness to consider and effectively to decide your problems in the shortest terms.

Lines of activity

Research center “Morintech” specializes in following areas:

  • Realization research and development works in the field of shipbuilding;
  • System development of design augmented by computer of composite technical objects;
  • Mining and intrusion of systems of a multicriteria optimization of composite technical objects;
  • Realization of the forecasts and analytical researches in the field of shipbuilding;
  • Information, intellectual both program – engineering of designing and creation of composite objects of engineering;
  • Comprehensive analysis and optimization of financial-economic activities;
  • Mining and construction of systems of the operating, financial and administrative count;
  • Advertising, publishing and polygraphic activity;
  • Realization of technological workshops, conferences, theme exhibitions.
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