Rules for Submission, Reviewing, and Publication of Scientific Articles

1. Rules for Submission

The author (authors) prepares the manuscript text of a scientific article in Russian (title, details of authors and keywords in English) in electronic form according to the Instructions for the Preparation of Articles for Scientific Journal “MARINE INTELLECTUAL TECHNOLOGIES”.

1.1. The author sends to the editor-in-chief a cover letter in the prescribed form according to the Instructions for the Preparation of Articles for Scientific Journal “MARINE INTELLECTUAL TECHNOLOGIES”.

1.2. Except for the article according to the Instructions for the Preparation of Articles for Scientific Journal “MARINE INTELLECTUAL TECHNOLOGIES” the following is submitted to the editorial office:

–         one review for the article to be published in the relevant discipline signed and certified with the official stamp. In case of the interdisciplinary study, two reviews shall be submitted from experts in various fields of science on relevant subjects.

–         The investigation report for an unclassified publication (if necessary).

–         The License Agreement printed and signed by each author.

1.3. The review highlights the following issues in free format: whether the title of the article complies with its content, to which extent the article complies with up-to-date achievements in the concerned field of scientific knowledge, whether the form of material presentation is properly chosen, as well as advantages and disadvantages of the article are described. There is a conclusion about the advisability of the reviewed material to be published at the end of the review.
The review must contain the full name, position, and academic degree of the reviewer, and the date. The review shall be signed by the reviewer and sealed by the company.The original version of the article, and submitted reviews remain deposited in the archive of the editorial office at least within a year (as official documents).1.4. The License Agreement according to the Instructions for the Preparation of Articles for Scientific Journal “MARINE INTELLECTUAL TECHNOLOGIES” shall be submitted to the editorial office in a hard or scanned copy. It shall be personally signed by the author (co-authors) by a ball-point pen with blue ink.

1.5. The authors shall present articles and all covering documents via e-mail and/or personally or by registered mail to the address:

190121 St. Petersburg, Lotsmanskaya St., 3.

Editorial Office of Scientific Journal “MARINE INTELLECTUAL TECHNOLOGIES”

1.6. The journal publishes new scientific developments, new research results, new methods, techniques and procedures in the field of shipbuilding, computing science, computer engineering and control.

The aforementioned is a basic requirement to articles. The journal publishes materials not previously published and not intended for simultaneous publication elsewhere. Authors are responsible for the content of their articles and the fact of their publication. The editors do not always share the opinion of the authors and are not responsible for unreliability of published data.

1.7. Fees are not paid to authors. Fees are not charged from postgraduate students for publishing of their articles.

1.8. Manuscripts are not returned to their authors.

1.9. All materials received by the editorial office and corresponding to the subjects are reviewed to get an expert estimation. All reviewers are acknowledged specialists on the subject of reviewed materials and have publications on the subject of the reviewed article for the past 3 years. Reviews remain deposited in the publishing and editorial offices within 5 years.

1.10. The editorial board sends copies of the reviews or a reasoned refusal to the authors of the submitted articles and also undertakes to send copies of the reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, if an appropriate request is received by the editorial office.

2. Rules of Reviewing

2.1. When an article is received by the editorial office of the scientific journal, the editor estimates its compliance with the Requirements for the Preparation of Manuscripts, as well as the Rules for the Submission of Manuscripts. If the Rules for the Submission of Manuscripts are violated, the article shall be sent to the author to be updated. Manuscripts received for their publication in the journal are checked for compliance with technical requirements and the journal’s specialty. Materials that do not meet the conditions are returned to the authors with the reasons for refusal to be accepted.

2.2. Scientific articles incoming from the authors pass editorial scientific investigation determining their compliance with the stated problems, subject disclosure level and scientific novelty.

The purpose of the scientific investigation carried out by the editorial staff of Scientific Journal “MARINE INTELLECTUAL TECHNOLOGIES” is to get a content-related expert assessment of quality for a scientific article with the following compulsory scientific character criteria:

  • compliance of the article title with its content;
  • statement of a problem or task to be solved;
  • justification of the relevancy of submitted materials;
  • research nature of the article;
  • justification of the statement and conclusions, in particular, available references to the bibliography cited and other information sources;
  • scientific novelty and practical relevance of the received results;
  • available conclusions based on the article results;
  • available bibliography with references to sources from the article text.
  • Determination of the compliance of the article content with journal subjects.
    If the article content does not comply with journal subjects, it is excluded from consideration, and the authors are informed thereof. Materials are not returned to their authors.

Investigation is carried out by members of the editorial staff of Scientific Articles in Scientific Journal “MARINE INTELLECTUAL TECHNOLOGIES” being specialists in appropriate fields of knowledge.

2.3. If non-compliance of submitted materials with the above criteria is detected, science editors hand over the manuscript to the editor-in-chief to make a decision on the recommendations about the article to be updated or excluded from publication.

If the article is to be updated, then an opinion of the editorial board member is sent with its comments. When updated, the author sends its article to the editorial office again. The return of the manuscript for updating does not mean that the article is accepted for publication.

The finalized version should be sent to the editorial office again, separately enclosing a letter with responses to comments made by members of the editorial board. The date when the article is received, shall be the date of the final (updated) versions received by the editorial board.

2.4. Articles accepted by the editorial office of scientific journals are distributed by heads relevant to scientific fields, which the journal specializes in.

3. Publication Rules for Scientific Articles

3.1. Articles accepted for publication pass revision providing for article prepress before to be placed in the current issue of the journal.

3.3. The journal is reproduced by the Publishing and Printing Center of Research Center “Morintech” in strict compliance with the frequency of journal publication.

3.4. Reprints are allowed only with permission of the editorial office.

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