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“MARINE intelligent technologIES”

The article text shall be sent to the editorial office to e-mail address (current correspondence with the editorial office is sent to the same address).

New scientific developments, new research results, new methods, procedures and technologies in the area of ship building, information science, computer engineering and control are published in the magazine. This is the basic requirement for articles.

Every article accepted by editorial staff for consideration shall also pass reviewing procedure. According to the reviewing results the article can be rejected or sent to the author for refining or accepted for publication. The publisher’s reader can be the specialist having science degree at least Candidate of Science in the field of the article.

The editorial staff doesn’t discuss correspondence of the article with magazine subject with the authors.

Payment for work publication shall not be charged from full-time postgraduate students if they are single authors.

The authors shall be responsible for article content and the fact of its publication. The magazine editorial office shall not be responsible for possible losses caused by the article publication. If publication of the article causes violation of any rights or generally accepted standards of scientific ethics, then the magazine editorial office shall have the right to withdraw the published article.

Chief Editor of Scientific Magazine
Doctor of Engineering, Professor Nikitin N. V.


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