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New scientific developments, new research results, new methods, procedures and technologies in the area of ship building, information science, computer engineering and control are published in the magazine.

The magazine is included into the List of Supreme Attestation Commission of leading reviewed scientific magazines and editions, in which basic scientific results of theses for application of science-degrees of Doctor and Candidate of Science shall be published.Our nauchy log is included in the international abstract Web of Science databaseю

Our magazine is included in the international abstract Web of Science database

In the magazine the articles shall be reviewed by leading specialists in the field of the article.

The magazine is intended for a wide range of scientists and specialists, as well as heads of scientific research and design organizations, industry, educational institutions, navy, as well as teachers, postgraduate students and students of higher educational institutions.

Subscription index is 99366 in Interregional Subscription Agency.

The magazine is circulated in Russia and abroad by subscription in Interregional Subscription Agency and in editorial office, as well as in exhibitions, conferences and symposiums.

BY the organizations’ request the magazine editorial office can send any magazine issue or the whole set of magazines in general.


The magazine subject corresponds to the following specialities of scientific workers cording to the list of Supreme Attestation Commission: 05.08.00 – Ship Building (05.08.01 – Theory of Ship and Structures , 05.08.03 – Ship Designing and Structure, 05.08.04 – Technology of Ship Building, Ship Repair and Organization of Shipbuilding Production, 05.08.05 – Ship Power Plants and Their Elements (Main and Auxiliary), 05.08.06 – Physical Fields of Ship, Ocean, Atmosphere and Their Interaction); 05.13.00 – Information Science, Computer Engineering and Control (05.13.01 – System Analysis, Control and Processing of Information, 05.13.06 – Automation and Control of Processes and Productions, 05.08.10 – Control in Social and Economic Systems, 05.13.11 – Software for Computers, Complexes and Computer Networks, 05.13.12 – Designing Automation Systems, 05.13.17 – Foundations of Information Science, 05.13.18 – Mathematical Modelling, Numerical Procedures and Software Systems)

Basic Magazine Trends

Intelligent technologies for designing of ships and vessels, computing of design process (control and organization of designing, automated designing systems). Marine History and Equipment.

Intelligent technologies for ship and vessel building (advanced technologies for ship building, automated systems of production preparation, robot using).

Intelligent technologies for ship and vessel operation (ship and vessel automation systems, automated control systems, problems in ergonomics, ecology).

Intelligent technologies in applied researches (mathematical modelling and computer experiment, theory of structures, aerohydrodynamics, thermodynamics, physical fields of ship).

Intelligent technologies in marine and ship power engineering. Energy-saving technologies.

Intelligent technologies of marine instrument engineering.

Artificial intelligence in marine technologies.

Intelligent technologies in marketing researches.

Intelligent technologies in logistics.

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